Enchanting One-Day Picnic Spots in God’s Own Country, Kerala

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Kerala, also known as ‘God’s Own Country’, is renowned for its lush landscapes, tranquil backwaters, verdant hill stations, and exotic wildlife. The southernmost state of India, it holds an array of delightful picnic spots that are perfect for a day’s getaway. Whether you’re looking for serene beaches, picturesque hills, or verdant forests, Kerala has it all. Let’s take a journey through some of the best one-day picnic spots in Kerala.

Athirapally Waterfalls

Starting off our list is the Athirapally Waterfalls, often dubbed as the ‘Niagara of India.’ It is the largest waterfall in Kerala and is located in the Thrissur district. The sight of water cascading down from an 80-feet high cliff amidst the lush greenery is a spectacle to behold. Besides, the cool spray of water that greets you provides a refreshing respite from the tropical heat. Nearby, you can also visit the Vazhachal Waterfalls and the verdant Sholayar Ranges.

Kumarakom Backwaters

Kerala is synonymous with serene backwaters, and Kumarakom stands as one of its finest representatives. Nestled on the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom offers an idyllic picnic spot for a day of relaxation. You can hire a houseboat or a shikara for a few hours and cruise along the tranquil waters, witnessing local life along the shores. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary nearby is also a must-visit for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Kovalam Beach

If you are a beach enthusiast, Kovalam should be on your itinerary. This beach town, located near the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, is famous for its crescent-shaped beaches, namely Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, and Samudra Beach. Whether you want to soak up the sun, take a dip in the sea, or enjoy a variety of water sports, Kovalam offers a perfect seaside retreat.


Munnar, a hill station nestled in the Western Ghats, is an ideal picnic spot for nature lovers. With its sprawling tea estates, misty hills, and exotic flora and fauna, Munnar provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can visit the Tea Museum, enjoy a walk through the tea plantations, explore the Eravikulam National Park or just relax and enjoy the cool climate. Although a popular destination for long stays, Munnar can also be enjoyed as a day trip, given efficient planning.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Thekkady, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous wildlife reserves in South India. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, deer, and numerous species of birds and reptiles. You can enjoy a boat cruise on the Periyar Lake or participate in jungle safari and nature walks. It offers an excellent day-trip destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Fort Kochi

Steeped in history, Fort Kochi offers a unique blend of cultural and historical experiences. It’s a place where you can see Chinese fishing nets, ancient mosques, Portuguese houses, and remnants of the Dutch colony. A walk along the beach during sunset, watching the fishermen with their Chinese nets, is a serene experience. Don’t forget to visit the St. Francis Church, the oldest European church in India, and the Paradesi Synagogue in Mattancherry.


From the cascading Athirapally

Waterfalls to the serene backwaters of Kumarakom, from the golden sands of Kovalam Beach to the misty hills of Munnar, from the wild trails of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to the rich history of Fort Kochi – Kerala offers a wide variety of delightful picnic spots, each with its unique charm. Whether you are a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or history buff, these destinations in Kerala promise a memorable one-day picnic experience that you’ll cherish forever.

A day may not be enough to explore all the gems this state has to offer. However, these one-day picnic spots provide a glimpse into Kerala’s diverse natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. So pack your picnic basket, put on your travel shoes, and get ready to explore the enchanting picnic spots of ‘God’s Own Country’. You’ll be left craving for more, that’s the charm of Kerala!

Remember, while you enjoy these fantastic locations, it’s equally important to respect the local culture and environment. Carry back lovely memories and leave only footprints behind. Safe travels!

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