Guzellik Haute Couture InauguratED by Cine Artist Prayaga Martin

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Kochi, January 21, 2024 – Guzellik Haute Couture, a new beacon of bespoke fashion in Kochi, was inaugurated in a grand ceremony at 1:00 PM by esteemed cine artist Prayaga Martin and the honorable Deputy Mayor of Cochin Corporation, Smt. K.A. Ansiya. This event marked a significant milestone in the fashion industry of Ernakulam, showcasing the boutique’s dedication to providing personalized fashion experiences.

Founded by Aabidha Gafoor and Najeema Fazal, and brought to life with the dedication of their children, Guzellik Haute Couture aims to offer unique, tailor-made fashion for brides, grooms, and those with a refined taste in clothing. The boutique prides itself on its in-house tailoring unit, skilled designers, and dedicated handwork team, ensuring that each piece is a narrative of elegance and style.

The inauguration was graced with an exhibition of exquisite attire, emphasizing the boutique’s commitment to quality and uniqueness. Both Prayaga Martin and Smt. K.A. Ansiya commended the founders for their vision and dedication to creating a haven for bespoke fashion enthusiasts.

The event attracted fashion lovers, industry insiders, and dignitaries, highlighting the beginning of a new era in Kochi’s fashion scene. Guzellik Haute Couture invites everyone to explore their offerings, promising an unmatched journey into the world of personalized fashion.

For more information on Guzellik Haute Couture’s offerings, visit their website at, where tradition meets contemporary design to enhance your wardrobe with elegance and style.

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